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During the wild ride of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) week, Sizzer and Music Matters kicked off the She Writes women+ writing camp—a powerhouse collab celebrating the amazing voices of women+ creators. Forget the usual industry chatter—this two-day blast had participants crafting tracks that fit the real-deal briefings from advertising industry gurus Kika Douglas (Dentsu Creative, 180) and Marjorieth Sanmartin (Havas Worldwide, HeimatTBWA\Philipp und Keuntje). With a robust collection of top-notch tracks born from the collaborative spirit of the camp, we answered our own question raised in the round-up panel “How To Create A Winning Track” as one of the compositions landed an actual commercial.

Breaking Barriers: Fostering Diversity in the Music Industry

The inspiration for the women+ writing camp sprouted from a recognized need for a dedicated space in the music industry—one that actively encourages and educates the next generation of women+ creatives. In an industry where being "the only one in the room" is a familiar sentiment, a barrier often arises for aspiring women+ talents trying to find their place. Mai Jammeh, Sizzer's production operations manager and the driving force behind the initiative, articulated the genesis of the project: "The idea of the project came from a felt discrepancy between the number of talented female creatives we'd encounter and the still disproportionate make-up of the industry. With the women+ writing camp, we wanted to create a space where we do it all: from writing, to producing, to engineering. As Sizzer, we're excited to continue growing our network of female composers."

Full Circle Success

The execution of the LinkedIn campaign marked a triumphant realization of the women+ writing camp's initial intention—to provide tangible opportunities for its participants. LinkedIn, together with the agency PuK, made it their mission to actively sustain the initiative that the camp incited. While also on the lookout for talented Gen-Z female creators, they singled out the track that corresponded to their values the most - "Make It Real," a composition by the talented Liza Dries, Laura Karolina Toth, Irene Schrader, and Ebony Julaisa Winter. The resonance between the chosen track and the campaign's objectives was unmistakable, as it seamlessly complemented the content and echoed the shared desire to craft a campaign that encourages the potential of upcoming female talents. This collaboration unfolded as a full-circle moment, successfully realizing the camp's core intention—creating a dynamic loop of opportunity for participants within the industry. It illustrates the camp's success not only in fostering creative power but also in delivering genuine opportunities for participants to showcase their skills on a platform with substantial reach.

Despite the passage of several months since the writing camp's conclusion, its outcomes remain securely stored within our vault—one of the four essential services that Sizzer provides. This deliberate action not only safeguards our musical assets but also ensures immediate access to a diverse array of creative solutions. When tasked with finding a sound for a new Nivea Men campaign, 'Ready, Set, Sweat' by Irene Schrader, Annika Bos, Larissa Langeweg, and Liana Rotteveel stood out as the most fitting choice from the vault. Its inclusion not only highlights the continued relevance and effectiveness of the songwriting camp's outcomes but also emphasizes the significant impact of female composers in shaping diverse narratives, even in campaigns targeting male audiences.

The Long-Lasting Impact

She Writes women+ writing camp transcends the conventional notion of a writing camp; it stands as a living testament to the transformative power of such initiatives when infused with the right blend of individuals, talent, and brands. More than a hub for music creation, the camp has become a dynamic force cultivating opportunities and carving out a distinctive and impactful space within the music industry. These initiatives don’t just hit the notes; they play the tune. When passion, diversity, and creativity strike a chord, it's not merely a fleeting melody; it resonates as a lasting groove in the industry.

The writing camp set the stage for the next wave of women+ music creators – now it's time to turn up the volume and keep the rhythm alive! These initiatives aren't just a single-time performance; they're the heart of transformation in a male-dominated industry. Talk is cheap; time to make it real. The encore is calling—are you joining the movement?

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