PB. 23



Throwing a party at Cannes? Easy! Got a floor to dance on? Check. A constant flow of booze? Check. A wild crowd looking to cut loose? Check. A carefully curated line-up that boldly blends eras, artists and beats, appeals across the generations and celebrates the creativity and craft alive in the music industry today? That’s a tougher ask…..but Cannes veterans and independent Amsterdam-based music agency, Sizzer, have got it covered.

Returning to its regular haunt on the Croisette, Bisous Bisous, Sizzer’s long-running party is taking a fresh new direction for 2023 - connecting the transatlantic dots between old-school Amsterdam club vibes and the Brooklyn sound of the same era, to create a unique celebration of music that matches Sizzer’s bold ethos and off-the-beaten-track mentality, beat for beat. An upbeat, fun and infectious sound that every generation can relate to - and which is sure to keep the dancefloor packed all night.


Inspired by two titans of the 80s and 90s nightlife scene - Amsterdam’s infamous RoXY nightclub, the birthplace of house music in the Netherlands, and the legendary Body & Soul Sunday afternoon sessions at New York’s Club Vinyl - Sizzer have created a four-to-the-floor filled evening with an energetic trip through club culture on both sides of the pond. As the ultimate tribute to the birthplace of house music, the event posters - designed by Will Da Costa - reference RoXY’s iconic DIY-print flyers.

Blending soulful, organic and spiritual tracks in an uplifting and stylish way, it’s not just the musical styles of these two iconic venues which complement each other - but also their shared spirit of unity and openness, as places that people from all walks of life, ages, genders, races could come together to celebrate a love of music. And it’s that same inclusive vibe that Sizzer will be bringing on the night.


Streamlining the creatively chaotic approach of previous years with a coherent new line-up, this year’s event walks the narrow line between sophisticated party and elegant mayhem with typical Sizzer swagger. Forget extravagant shows and girls swinging on hoops - this is a party dedicated to the craft of music and a pure celebration of creativity. Instead, expect a super sound system with a solid set of acts - each handpicked for their resonance with Sizzer’s values, ethos and vibe.


Sharing Sizzer’s love for the craft of music making, Body & Soul veteran DJ and producer, remixer and musician Joe Claussell has made a name for himself with an authentic sound and style that’s stayed true throughout his decades in the industry. Meanwhile house pioneer Soichi Terada, a composer in the gaming industry and Rush Hour label affiliate, is known for his dynamic live performances where the crowd plays a starring role. Kléo - another Amsterdam-based talent and one-time face of Bar Belgique - has been a stalwart on the capital’s dance scene for years, and finally Sizzer’s own music researcher, Jasper, will be bringing his hard-hitting, genre bending and infectiously fun style to the decks under his DJ alias Nothing Toulouse.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a grizzled, 30-year veteran of the Croisette, the excitement of Cannes never wanes - so get ready for a night that makes you want to drink rose, max out your credit cards and celebrate creativity like there’s no tomorrow.