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They say the future’s already here… but what does it sound like?

Sizzer wanted to introduce the voices of tomorrow to the creative industries in a new and unexpected way - and to celebrate a shared passion for the craft of music combined with a love of originality, risk taking and innovation. So, what better way to do that than to orchestrate a tour - taking the sounds of the future to the people: live and direct. In person - rather than sending a digital playlist. Hence the idea was born: Sizzer on tour!

Spearheaded by Dion Holla, Sizzer partnered with Goodhouse to bring three cutting-edge artists to three major European cities as part of a groundbreaking tour: The Originators. Kicking off in March 2023 and running through to May, the first show featured Coby Sey at EartH Kitchen In London, followed by Aïsha Devi at Watergate in Berlin, together with DJ Nothing Toulouse - and finally DEBBY FRIDAY, at La Station - Gare Des Mines in Paris.

Everyone loves to have their mind blown by new and exciting music - but The Originators was about more than a fresh line-up and the chance to move your feet to some funky beats.

It was an opportunity to showcase the power of great music to make brands relevant - and help shape culture. A chance for the creative industries to discover exceptional, genuine and unexpected new artists who are pushing the dial with their original vision.

All carefully curated by the team at Sizzer under the watchful eyes and ears of Music Supervisor Quintin van der Spek.

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Going the extra mile - and then some.

Organising a three-city tour on top of a busy working week was a labour of love for the team - but passion for music, for craft, and for brave, unorthodox choices is what drives Sizzer - and what has driven the company from the start. ‘Craft is what we are expected to know; art is the unexpected use of our craft’ sums up the Sizzer ethos - and The Originators tour is proof of how doing things a bit differently pays off. Because at the end of the day, music just makes the world a better place.

Casting the net for culture shifters.

At Sizzer, the focus is always on finding the next big thing - searching for the success stories of the future - but The Originators called for something more: up-and-coming talents whose work wasn’t just cool, but genuinely capable of moving the cultural dial and catching the ears of the creative world. They needed to spotlight the vibe-shifting potential of exceptional music, and how it can help brands reach elusive audiences. Finding the best artist for the job is one of Sizzer’s core businesses, but searching for them for a specific city wasn’t easy - especially for a city that you don’t live in. That called for a dedicated internal team to coordinate the process, and listen out for the right voices.

London calling for Coby Sey.

Reflecting the iconic spirit of the underground London music scene, the first stop on The Originators certainly set the tone for the rest of the tour, with vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Coby Sey showcasing his unique sound in the dark yet welcoming atmosphere of Earth Kitchen in Hackney, east London. Mixing a multitude of genres from jazz, dub, noise to trip-hop, the post-grime prodigy - who has collaborated with Tirzah, Mica Levi, Dean Blunt, and Klein - kicked off the tour with highlights from his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Conduit’.

Aïsha Devi channels the spirit of water in Berlin.

Edgy, gritty, impossibly cool - Berlin’s nightlife is legendary, and the second instalment of the Originators tour sought to combine that punk aesthetic with Sizzer’s own unorthodox ethos in an unmissable event at the iconic Watergate club. Combining thumping beats, rave stabs, guttural singing, and corporeal sonics, Aïsha Devi’s music aims to alter the fundamental vibrations of our material world - and her mesmerising performance, backdropped by the Spree river, catapulted the crowd into a scene straight from a cyberpunk movie.

A double tour de force for DEBBY FRIDAY.

Scoring a hat-trick of hits, the third Originators event took the City of Lights by storm as musician and filmmaker DEBBY FRIDAY took over Paris’ premier punk venue, Gare des Mines, with her genre-defying sounds. Taking a break from her own world tour to join the Originators, FRIDAY'S energetic performance was the perfect coda to a sun-drenched evening on the terrace.


Craft, creativity, a genuine love of music and a willful, rebellious streak that won't settle for second best - the Originators Tour shows exactly what Sizzer stands for.

This wasn’t only about one genre or a single artist, it was about finding the pulse and identity of each city, and identifying talents that reflect the underlying culture. Three cities, three artists, three different visions, but one uniting factor: the craft that each artist brings to their music.
And although the tour has wrapped, this isn’t the end of Sizzer’s journey with these remarkable talents. All three will continue to collaborate with Sizzer and are willing and able to work their magic on bespoke compositions for clients.
Sizzer on tour was clearly an adventure…

So - who’s up for the next one?