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We Follow The Wind

It seemed an impossible task, like catching the wind. Mercedes-Benz came to us in a bind. Their film rested on a neat duality: the company fighting the wind in aerodynamics tests, and then embracing it with turbines powering their factories – a turbine’s blades smoothly fading into that iconic Mercedes logo.

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Sizzer Team

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    Executive Music Supervisor & Founder
  • Michiel Marsman



  • Seppl Kretz

  • Nitzan Hofmann




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Come Together

The concept was strong, but the music was slipping through their fingers: wasted potential, like the power they were pledging to harness.

Luckily for them, we like a challenge – so we plucked something out the air. The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ had exactly the tonal complexity needed – and that title! After all, in their switch to renewables, Mercedes were banding together for a cause: to ‘come together’ for climate solutions. Our new, dynamic arrangement left some room for the sounds of the wind, building to a stirring crescendo at the chorus’s delivery of the title lyric. Then, orchestral flourishes and a nuanced singer helped tip a melancholy, minor key verse into that doubly rousing finish. A bright ray of hope breaking through the coming storm.

Of course, for such a well-known song, our client needed to show trust and commitment – not to mention the budget. But we knew it would pay off, and guided them through it all. Sifting through the many covers, haggling for rights and a fair price with Sony, pulling together musicians, kit, post-production… And all at the height of the pandemic, when we couldn’t all be together in the recording studio, but the music and the musicians still had to be in sync – with each other, and with the vision of Mercedes.

The result became a true flagship for them, and put plenty of wind in our sails too. It got a spot at the Masters Tournament and became a critical darling. All showing our commitment to getting things right, but also that we can hit above our weight – even at a time with so much up in the air.

“Come Together''