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Live Like You

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Live Like You

Adapt to survive, they say. And it’s as true for reinvented car brands as it is for musical partnerships made to last. So when Škoda came knocking, we pulled out all the stops.

  • Full music composition
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Sizzer Team

  • Michiel Marsman

  • Sander van

    Executive Music Supervisor & Founder


  • Seppl Kretz

  • Nitzan Hofmann

  • Niels Docter





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Tuned to perfection: in the body shop with Skoda

We called in a favour with a tailor-made new track from Dutch band DeWolff. It was a retro rock number: crisp but worn in, like the funky shirt donned by the ad’s dad. That silver fox is the focus of the film, rocking out with his garage band, only to be briskly told to keep the noise down – by his own teenage daughter.

The end result nailed that dapper aloofness, with no small thanks to our team. On the shoot in Prague, the actors were struggling to look convincing playing their instruments, so we stepped in, showed them the ropes – and even played drums for a series of close-ups.

As if that flexibility wasn’t enough, Škoda redrew the scope of the campaign, having us produce a series of variations on our theme. For a more cinematic, tender film, we completely reworked the track, shaping the skeleton of the original into a contemplative, dramatic score. For the sports model, we turbo-charged the driving thump of the track with an electronic remix, upping the energy without losing the central hook.

With our versatility proven, they had us reinvent the song even further. On multiple spots for Spotify and other streaming services, we created versions to suit listening drivers at different times of day: laidback in the morning, taut and energetic at daytime, and soulful for the evening.

The track won the BMIM Best Composition in Advertising award and proved so popular that the band released it as a single. All going to show that starting the conversation early – and being prepared to keep going back to the drawing board – can make the difference between a quick gig and a fruitful collaboration. After all, the last one to the party doesn’t get to pick the tunes.

“Daddy’s Groove”