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Lucky Generals


See The World Differently

See The World Differently

For us, the overarching challenge was to create a fresh, new, dramatic version of the timeless classic ‘I Am What I Am’ by Gloria Gaynor featuring a full, live orchestra. First, we had to find the right artist to record the song, then we had to get everyone else on board with our concept. And finally, we had to get the song to work with the various rhythms of the video, which had been completed before the new version was recorded… And I think you’ll agree, the resulting track makes this great campaign even better. Damn - it really makes us want to fly.

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Sizzer Team

  • Quintin
    Van der Spek

    Music Supervisor & Business Developer
  • Sander van

    Executive Music Supervisor & Founder
  • Michiel Marsman

  • Peter Jelle Idzenga

    Music Producer / A&R
  • Mees
    van der Velde

    Music Producer / A&R
  • Marco Cucco

    Music Producer / A&R
  • Veronika Muravskaia

    Operations Manager Sales, Supervision & Licensing
  • Mai Jammeh

    Operations Manager Production & Research





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I Am What I Am

In our search for a music direction that would match the glitz, grit and glamour of the campaign film created by Lucky Generals, we tried a million things - from funky disco to Italo disco, through to more electronic/contemporary - before we decided to do a classic take, which, beat-wise, was the antithesis of Gloria Gaynor’s original version of I Am What I Am. A challenging option - as there are a ton of amazing artists who’ve covered the song, and we didn’t want to betray that legacy by creating a B-version. And that meant our chosen artist had to be on point, and the full live orchestra that we brought in to add musical heft and drama, had to really get under the skin of the song…

Things got even tougher with the brief for the artist: someone who was still flying under the radar - but with plenty of buzz around them and on the brink of breaking through. Someone with the chutzpah, originality and vocal range of Amy Winehouse - a star in the making.

When we found Lady Blackbird, a soon-to-be stellar artist who was set to fly high, we knew she was the one. We went the extra mile to push for her - and then guess what, her career really took off. Result!

Technically speaking, the biggest challenge was the timing - the film was shot before recording the new version of the song. There were certain beats in the film that the music had to match, which made it tricky to come up with a tempo map which would make the song feel like it was based on a fixed rhythm. Getting that right took hours of editing and improvisation… but guess what? It was worth every second to achieve a seemingly seamless result - we think our music makes this already awesome film unmissable.

"I Am What I Am"